2019 Ecumenical Palm Sunday Service in Norwich

What a wonderful time together this was!  The church was full of Christians from across the different traditions worshipping & praising God together, then leaving with points to ponder as we journey though Holy Week.  Many of our Church Leaders (or their representatives) took part in this  beautiful service. We are indebted to everyone for their participation & to Chapel Field Methodist church for their very warm hospitality & organisation: thank you.



The Week of Prayer for Christian Unity 2019 in the Holy Land by Revd David Wakefield – Rector of the Lingwood Benefice

As part of his recent sabbatical, David spent three weeks in Jerusalem, praying and talking with the “living stones” of the Holy Land and considering life in Israel and the Palestinian Territories today.

As part of this he attended the nine daily services in the Old City during the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity experiencing worship outside my Anglican tradition (Greek Orthodox, Armenian, Lutheran, Latin, Syrian Orthodox, Ethiopian Orthodox and Greek Catholic).  After each, he met local Christians and heard their stories of living in the Holy Land.  He said afterwards that ‘Meeting people of different Christian traditions during the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity enabled me to understand the issues they face to a greater degree’.

Ecumenical Chain of Prayer 2019 in Norwich

The Week of Prayer for Christian Unity is traditionally celebrated during the octave of  St Peter & St Paul which runs from 18th to 25th January each year.

As part & in support of the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity, the DEOs of NWCT  organised an Ecumenical Chain of Prayer in St Luke’s Chapel in the Anglican Cathedral in Norwich in 2019 on Thursday 24th January.

We would like to thank everyone who supported this initiative – those who led prayers, those who just dropped by to pray silently, our Ecumenical Canons & the Cathedral – who let us use their beautiful & peaceful chapel.

If you would like to be part of this or would like more information, please contact Catherine Howe (County Ecumenical Officer)

email: catherine.howe@dioceseofnorwich.org