The Caister Talks: now until October 2020 in St Stephen’s Church Norwich

The Caister Talks

11 March – “Margery and Julian: Women of their Time and Place?” – Dr Carole Hill
25 March – “The Life and Times of Richard Caister” – Frank Meeres
22 April – “Richard Caister and Margery Kempe” – Dr Laura Varnam
27 May – “Caister’s Pilgrim Badges and their Context” – Dr Michael Schmoelz
24 June – “Can the English Pray? Caister as Vernacular Theologian” Rv Dr Alex Irving
29 July – “The Manuscripts of Caister’s Prayer” – Dr Elizabeth McDonald
23 Sep – “Caister and Lollardy” – Professor Richard Rex
28 Oct – “The Ministry of Richard Caister Continues” – Rv Cn. Madeline Light

These form part of the

“Grant Me Grace” The Richard Caister Project: :  A Hidden Story in the City of Stories

A festival of poetry, workshops and public talks to mark the 6th centenary of Richard Caister, the 15th century Norwich-based poet and priest at St Stephen’s, Norwich.

Richard Caister (d.1420), once vicar of St Stephen’s Church, was confessor to Margery Kempe and contemporary of Julian of Norwich. He preached in English and wrote a poem that was hugely popular in the decades after his death, insisting on the immediacy of God’s grace and the opportunity for all people to know and speak about God.

After his death, his burial place in St Stephen’s Church became a national centre of pilgrimage. During the Reformation, his legacy was contested by Protestant and Catholic historians.

Throughout 2020, the sixth centenary of his death, there will be a range of events and activities to explore the life of Richard Caister and the Norwich he would have known. These include an exhibition, a pilgrimage route of medieval Norwich, performances, workshops and a series of public talks (‘The Caister Talks’) from experts from around the country.

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