The visit of Dippy the dinosaur to Norwich Cathedral January to March 2021

Dippy the Dinosaur will be visiting Norwich Cathedral from 11 Jan – 21 March 2021.  

Firstly, they are looking for  volunteers to help: for more information:

Secondly there will be Science-Faith Lectures related to this in Norwich Cathedral & plans are afoot for the following talks listed below.

*Evolution and the God of love:  Speaker: Denis Alexander (Faraday Institute for Science and Religion)   Monday 25th January

The struggle for survival is an essential part of the evolutionary process.  How can the mechanism of evolution be reconciled with the idea of a God of love?

On-line Cathedral Lecture, 7.30 – 8.45 pm

*Evolution, human uniqueness and extra-terrestrials: is there a Christian perspective?
Speaker: Simon Conway Morris (Professor of Evolution and Paleobiology, Cambridge University)
*Annual Science-Faith Cathedral Lecture
Dinosaurs, Evolution and Religion. 
Speaker: Nick Spencer (Senior Fellow at Theos)
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Science and Faith in Norfolk is chaired by the Rev Dr Patrick Richmond, Vicar, Christ Church, Eaton.

For more information, please co
ntact the secretary – Professor Nick Brewin (, Emeritus Fellow, John Innes Centre, Norwich.