SFN Talks associated with visit of Dippy the dinosaur 2021

Science-Faith Lectures in Norwich Cathedral

Dippy the Dinosaur will be visiting Norwich Cathedral from 11 Jan – 21 March 2021.  
Consequently, SFN are seeking to reschedule the three Cathedral* talks listed below.
*Evolution and the God of love. 
Speaker: Denis Alexander (Faraday Institute for Science and Religion)
*Evolution, human uniqueness and extra-terrestrials: is there a Christian perspective?
Speaker: Simon Conway Morris (Professor of Evolution and Paleobiology, Cambridge University)
*Annual Science-Faith Cathedral Lecture
Dinosaurs, Evolution and Religion. 
Speaker: Nick Spencer (Senior Fellow at Theos)

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Science and Faith in Norfolk is chaired by the Rev Dr Patrick Richmond,Vicar, Christ Church, Eaton.

The secretary is Professor Nick Brewin, Emeritus Fellow, John Innes Centre, Norwich.